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*CLASSES at Let It Bead*

A new assortment of classes to enhance your beading prowess! 

Other than our regular weekend classes in BASIC BEADING and BASIC WIRE MANIPULATION (and those with a date listed), our classes are scheduled upon request -- we will schedule a class at a time convenient for you!  Please look over the list, choose a class, and call us to register.  Classes require a minimum of two students.  We encourage you to sign up a beading companion to come along with you! 

*10% off all materials purchased day of class!*


BASIC BEADING  $25     2 Hours  

2 - 4pm every other Saturday

Learn a no-nonsense approach to the basics of beading.  We will teach you about all the materials and techniques needed to create beautiful necklaces and bracelets, plus share our expertise in design and color.


11am - 1pm every other Saturday

This class teaches all the basic techniques for manipulating wire:  reinforced loops, incorporating beads into a chain, and embellishing with wire.  Come immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wire -- it’s only the beginning! 

Note:  This is a technique class only. 


BASIC SILK KNOTTING  $25                 2 hours

Learn how to knot and finish a necklace using either French wire or clamshells to attach a clasp.  Beads may be knotted continuously or in a “floating” presentation.  A pendant may also be added.


INTRO TO LOOMWORK  $25               2 hours

Learn the fundamentals of using the proper materials, threading, beading and pattern design on a bead loom.


PEYOTE STITCHING  $25       2 hours

Learn the basics of off-loom seed beading stitches that are the basis for more advanced beadwork designs.  Each class will be tailored to the specific requests of the students.


ESSENCE OF ELASTIC $12.50               1 hour

Ever wrestle with elastic?  Either the knot doesn’t hold or it breaks away.  This class goes over all you could ever need to know about the ever so fussy elastic.  Learn about the proper products, what beads you can and cannot use, the correct knots and finishing secrets.


ADVANCED WIRE TECHNIQUES #1  $40       2 hours

Step up your wire skills by learning to embellish a hammered wire shape.  You will learn to coil wire and tiny beads for an elegant look.  (pre-requisite:  Basic Wire Manipulation)



Take it to the next level beyond basic wire techniques.  In this class, using a decorative bead and fine gauge wire, you will learn to weave wire into a beautiful herringbone wrap.  You will learn what gauges of wire are appropriate, along with what beads will and won’t work for this technique.  (pre-requisite: Basic Wire Manipulation)



In this class you will learn how to make a macrame bracelet using the versatile square knot. We will discuss all of the steps for making a square knot bracelet with a button style closure and your choice of beads! You will learn the square knot as well as a couple of variations on it, and leave the class with at least one finished bracelet. This class is $20 for a one hour session.



This lesson teaches you to weave chain together using waxed cording to create fashionable bracelets. We also cover how to use jump rings to incorporate a clasp into your piece. These bracelets look great stacked on your wrist in multiples or with other bracelets. Each student leaves class with at least one finished woven bracelet. This class is $20 for a one hour session.



This class teaches you how to make the wrap style bracelet popularized by the jewelry designer Chan Luu. We will explore all of the steps in making a bracelet that wraps one time around the wrist, with a button style closure and your choice of beads. We will also discuss how to translate the pattern into a bracelet that wraps several times around the wrist. Each student leaves class with at least one finished single wrap bracelet. This class is $30 for a two hour session.



In this workshop you will learn to incorporate seed beads into a braid creating stylish bracelets. Using a combination of waxed cording and seed beads gives you a finished piece of jewelry that is economical to make, yet looks classy and expensive. Each student leaves class with at least one finished bracelet. This class is $20 for a one hour session.


PRIVATE LESSONS  $35/hour/person

For those that would prefer more personal attention, we offer private versions of all of our classes.  We also set up private classes for those wanting to do a specific project requiring step-by-step assistance.



  • Class fees must be paid at the time you register.  Refunds will be given only if you cancel more than 48 hours before class time.  Likewise, you will be notified at least 48 hours in advance if your class needs to be rescheduled.
  • Students receive a 10% discount on all items purchased the day of the class!  (Excluding books, magazines and consignment items).
  • Save $100 worth of register receipts and receive $10 in free merchandise!  (Excluding books, magazines and consignment items).
  • Guests sitting at the table with a beading student will be charged a guest fee of $7.50 for the $12.50 and $15 classes, $15 for the $25 classes and $20 for the $35 classes.